Arce Ascenseur

Passenger Elevators

One of the most important factors for passenger elevators you should consider is the carrying capacity of elevator, elevator running speed and manufacturing the best proper elevator, as hydraulic or mechanical elevator, due to traffic calculations.

For passenger lifts; comfort, interior decoration and hygiene do matter as to intended use. Elevator cabins may be adorned with various materials such as laminate, wood, stainless and laminated glass according to the preferences of the users.

By courtesy of the advanced technology, elevators may present a wide range of elegance and visual quality as being able to be designed in different specialties such as auto doors, touch operated buttons etc. Using folding door (Kramer door) for passenger safety inside the elevator cabins is a must of Elevator Regulation Standards. 

Important! Passenger elevators should be overhauled by periodical and general elevator maintenances that authorized elevator maintenance firms make.  

Human life is more important and valuable than anything else.